TOP10 websites of the month September 2020

Top 10 websites projects and product design that made a great impression on us. These are projects published in September 2020. Some works are a concept, some are an websites design that we will see soon. All works inspire with colours and composition. Congratulations to the authors of the projects.

Sleepiest Website

by Cuberto

Zeet Landing Page

by Umar Aji Pratama for OWW


by Zinat Farahani for Awsmd


by Kukuh Andik for Sebo

Game Portal

by Dmitry Krivonosov, Lime Store, Alexey Petrov


by Pyrobyte Design, Anton Lisitskiy Barnaul, Artem Safarov, Andy Spinko

JBL Online Store

by Group BWT, Александра Козарик

PR Club

by Kris Anfalova, Konstantin Green, Мария Невзорова, Mariia Svoboda

Dashboard Fintech

by Anastasia M, Alexandr V

The Ruffian ebike

by Konstantin Krichko

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